NRBJ™ Rocks OUT at NuSol Natural Hair Expo!

Let me start off by saying…. HEY NOWWWW! It’s been a long time since I’ve reached out to you all. I’VE MISSED YOU! I won’t stay away so long next time. When you need a break, you just need a break. Now that I am back from my sabbatical, I have a lot of great information to share with you.

Natural Roots by Jey™ started the year off with a bang as we embarked on a new journey. We closed the Raleigh location after five years and relocated exclusively to Durham. We love it! It was the BEST decision we could have made. Trust and believe, NRBJ™’s presence in Durham is tantamount to the natural hair movement in the Bull City.

In addition to kicking off 2013 officially in Durham, NRBJ™ participated in its first natural hair showcase this past April. NuSol Natural Hair Expo was held at the Durham Marriott and Convention Center. NuSol hosted over 50 vendors, invited local natural hair salons to showcase their work, and had special guest speaker Leela James and an awesome performance by Lisa McClendon. If you missed this year’s show you missed a treat. Don’t fret though…. I have a little something-something for you. The date for NuSol Natural Hair Expo 2014 has been released – April 12, 2014. See you there!

In the meantime, please enjoy NRBJ’s NuSol showcase by clicking HERE.

Naturally Yours,


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The Masses Love NRBJ, But There Is Only ONE Original!

Posted on July 26, 2010 by Jeunesse D. Hall

Natural Roots by Jey has skyrocketed to the top in more ways than one. Consequently, it seems that everyone LOVES the two words together “Natural and Roots”. When I first started my business I did the proper research to ensure that no one else was using the name. That was in 2005. Apparently, the phrase “Natural Roots” as resonated among a lot of hair stylists nationwide. Since 2005 I have seen the words “Natural Roots” interchangeably used among several natural hair salons. Wow! I should be flattered, but I am not.

When I created the name, I thought about words that would specifically define my purpose for the business. I came up with Natural Roots by Jey. Natural, because it means to be produced by nature, rather than being artificial or created by people; and Roots because it means the fundamental cause, basis, or essence of something or the source from which something derives. Thoughtful, careful planning and insight birthed Natural Roots by Jey.

During my journey I have had a couple of local stylist infringe on my trademark by essentially copying my name and my tagline and interchangeably using them as their own. But what is more mind blowing is that there are a number of salons in other states using “Natural Roots” in their salon name also. Wow! I knew that I was creating something great for my own legacy, but I never anticipated that others would jump on the bandwagon and assume the SAME name.

One local salon wanted to call itself “Roots Natural”, while another local stylist really liked my tagline, enough so that she tagged her service as, “The Triangle’s premier natural hair salon”. To make matters worse, I knew each salon owner/stylist, one prior to and one during Natural Roots by Jey’s evolution, and they were well aware of my business. Wow, again, I should be flattered, but I’m shaking my head at the lack of business etiquette and research when it comes to some African-American owned businesses. There seems to be an echoed thought, “if it sounds good and works for me, then I should have it too”.

If business owners would take the time out to do the proper research and take some basic business courses, it would eliminate duplication of business names, taglines, and other mishaps.

To make matters worse, now there are other natural hair salons popping up in other states with the same or a portion of the title. Apparently the masses love “Natural Roots” and they recognize its significance.

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Woman’s Braids Land Her in Emergency Room

Posted on July 16, 2010 by Jeunesse D. Hall

by Dana Oliver (Subscribe to Dana Oliver’s posts), Posted Jul 14th 2010 at 2:45PM

The old adage that “beauty is pain” became a little too true for a North Carolina woman whose braided hairstyleresulted in her making multiple trips to the emergency room.

A few weeks after getting her hair braided at a salon, Veronica Carter started to experience excruciating pain.

“I got up and I was crying in the middle of the night and I was praying and crying like God please don’t let me die,” Carter told WFMY News 2. “The braid came out and it was like a little white bump. The headaches became just on one side and it was migraines and it was like a heat sensation.”

With a swollen face and closed eye, Carter visited the emergency room on two occasions and on the second trip she was handed over medical documentation that stated she may be suffering from a hard-to-treat bacterial infection known as MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

“He told me it’s because the braids was too tight,” said Carter, on her medical consultation. “He said her nails, anything up under the nail, if her nails was sharp or if she took it and tried to braid it and maybe cut me right here and I didn’t notice it.”

Celebrity hair stylist Kimberly Kimble — who maintains the manes of stars like BeyoncéKerry Washington, and Shakira — says that the number one thing to look out for is that the process should not hurt.

“Getting your hair braided should not be painful, before, during or after,” Kimble tells StyleList. “If your braids are pulling from the scalp or if you can see the bulbs coming out of the end of the hair shaft, it’s pulling your hair out and is too tight.”

To prep your strands for this hairstyle, Kimble advises that you go in to your salon with clean and freshly washed hair. “It should also be very hydrated prior to getting braids by using hot oil or moisturizing treatments like Kimble Hair Care Systems Honey and Oatmeal Moisturizing Treatment.”

Maintain your braided hairstyle by sleeping in a silk bonnet and on a silk pillowcase, as cotton fibers can dry out the hair, she adds.

To prevent this hair-raising matter from occurring in the future, the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners are backing new state regulation made effective on July 1, 2010 that requires natural hair care stylists to pass both a practical and written exambefore becoming licensed.

“It is a strong and appropriate examination in the interest of protecting the consumer in regards to stylists and cleanliness,” Executive Director Lynda Elliott tells StyleList. “A lot of the confusion is that [hairstylists] must get their cosmetology license but this pertains specifically to licensing in natural hair care.”

And for natural hair care stylists who have been braiding, cornrowing and twisting prior to July 1, Elliott urges you to take the exam within a year or face returning back to beauty school for 300 hours before getting your license.

While an employee of the salon reportedly told WFMY News 2 that Carter should have returned sooner with her complaint, having her hair restyled isn’t just going to cut it.

“This right here is going to be a mark for the rest of my life, this scar. My hair is not going to grow back.”

In other hair news, head over to our sister site BlackVoices to learn about a New Jersey man who is behind bars after forcing at least 20 women to work without pay in hair braiding salons.

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Posted on July 13, 2010 by Jeunesse D. Hall

I received an interesting email today from one of my best clients. She recently moved to Chicago and had an “experience” with a stylist to whom she was referred. Keep reading to see what happened….

.“Although we’re loving Chicago, we really miss our friends in Durham. I have been looking for someone to do our hair and just can’t seem to find anyone like you. For example, I met a police officer at the beach who had great looking locs so I asked for the contact information for his stylist and made an appointment to see her last Friday. The first red flag was that she didn’t have natural hair herself and I was the only natural in the salon. Next red flag, the client before me was getting a relaxer and the client after me got a weave. Third red flag, she used Creme of Nature to shampoo my hair and didn’t really seem knowledgeable about natural hair care when I tried to ask questions about the products she used and why. Fourth red flag, she used a comb and then palm twisted my roots – my scalp was beet red. It was at that point that I decided never to come back again. I had to wait for two hours after my hair was dry while she finished the weave before she would remove the clips. Then came the final straw, once the clips were out, she sprayed what I thought was essential oils onto my hair – but it was actually oil sheen and hairspray. I wanted to shampoo my hair immediately when I got home. But my husband wouldn’t let me because I spent way too much money on it. I’ll wear it until this Friday and then shampoo my brains out.

I can’t tell you how violated and just plain stupid I felt for not ending that experience sooner. At least now I’ve learned the hard way exactly what questions I should ask before letting someone else put their hands into my hair. I guess I just assumed that everyone who did natural hair was as knowledgeable as you are. Sure, I expected some to have different approaches and/or opinions about products but I wasn’t prepared for this. To her credit, my hair looks great. But, with my itchy scalp and thinning hair, I know it’s just a matter of time before things go really wrong. Please pray that I can find someone who will love and take care of my hair as much as I do (and you did).

I am so thankful that God led me to you to help me begin my natural journey. I have learned so much from you and grown in so many ways. Especially now, I miss you and truly appreciate all your knowledge and expertise and hard work in your profession. The naturals of the Triangle are truly blessed to have you there.”

WOW, that was a lot to go through for a first visit. Has anyone else had a similar or worse experience? What happened?

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JeysHairWireNC: How I Did My Red Headwrap

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I’m A Star In My Own Light!

Wow, at least monthly, I see something posted or announced from someone I have had contact with (past or present) that looks VERY, VERY similar to something I have posted or created. I guess it is true what they say: imitation is the highest form of flattery. From slogans, to business titles, to emails, the masses love Natural Roots by Jey! Thank you guys for the compliments!

Understand this: I will be happy to mentor or offer development services to anyone who likes what I am doing. wink wink (side eye)


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The Stylists’ Roundtable™ Coming Soon…. Stay Tuned!

We are the best at what we do in Raleigh, NC and we want to share advice and opinions. Stay tuned for more! This series will be different from what you expected. Sponsored by Natural Roots by Jey. We are so excited about this new venture!!!!!! Join the blog, YouTube channel, or email updates for more. If you’re not in the mix, then you miss out.


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