The Masses Love Natural Roots by Jey™, but There Is Only One Original!

Natural Roots by Jey has skyrocketed to the top in more ways than one. Consequently, it seems that everyone LOVES the two words together “Natural and Roots”. When I first started my business I did the proper research to ensure that no one else was using the name. That was in 2005. Apparently, the phrase “Natural Roots” as resonated among a lot of hair stylists nationwide. Since 2005 I have seen the words “Natural Roots” interchangeably used among several natural hair salons. Wow! I should be flattered, but I am not.

When I created the name, I thought about words that would specifically define my purpose for the business. I came up with Natural Roots by Jey. Natural, because it means to be produced by nature, rather than being artificial or created by people; and Roots because it means the fundamental cause, basis, or essence of something or the source from which something derives. Thoughtful, careful planning and insight birthed Natural Roots by Jey.

During my journey I have had a couple of local stylist infringe on my trademark by essentially copying my name and my tagline and interchangeably using them as their own. But what is more mind blowing is that there are a number of salons in other states using “Natural Roots” in their salon name also. Wow! I knew that I was creating something great for my own legacy, but I never anticipated that others would jump on the bandwagon and assume the SAME name.

One local salon wanted to call itself “Roots Natural”, while another local stylist really liked my tagline, enough so that she tagged her service as, “The Triangle’s premier natural hair salon”. To make matters worse, I knew each salon owner/stylist, one prior to and one during Natural Roots by Jey’s evolution, and they were well aware of my business. Wow, again, I should be flattered, but I’m shaking my head at the lack of business etiquette and research when it comes to some African-American owned businesses. There seems to be an echoed thought, “if it sounds good and works for me, then I should have it too”.

If business owners would take the time out to do the proper research and take some basic business courses, it would eliminate duplication of business names, taglines, and other mishaps.

To make matters worse, now there are other natural hair salons popping up in other states with the same or a portion of the title. Apparently the masses love “Natural Roots” and they recognize its significance.

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