The Day Has Come (7/10)

Finally, the day has come where NC incorporates natural hair care into its regulated cosmetic art industry. How does this change affect natural hair wearers? Well, the new regulations are considered to offer consumer protection against unlicensed stylists throughout NC. How do the new requirements affect unlicensed stylists? Simple, they will have to become licensed under the NC Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners in order to practice. To some this may seem unfair, but tell that to the many African American women who have experienced scalp legions, hair loss, hair damage, and premature balding due to the influx of unlicensed braiders and stylists who know not the first thing about caring for the hair and scalp. The aim of the new bill (House Bill 291) is not to put people out of business, nor is it a money generator for the state. Its purpose is to license hair braiders and natural hair stylists and to protect consumers. Actually, several larger states already have a license for braiders and natural hair stylists; NC is late.

There seems to be a little confusion however, among those already in business. Let me clear up the confusion. The NC Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners is the governing agency for cosmetic arts. Cosmetic art includes, cosmetology, manicuring, barbering, esthetics, and now natural hair care. It does not matter how many OTHER self-regulated or independently regulated boards there are in NC, the NC Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners is the only licensing board for cosmetic art. This means that only they can issue a legitimate license to braiders and natural hair stylists in NC.

Perhaps you have attended training in natural hair some place in else and were issued a license. IT DOES NOT MATTER. Unless the license has the official embossed NC State Board seal, it is not the license that will be recognized by the state. Further, you will still have to sit for the State Board exam. This is not to say that you cannot retain your other license, but why would you want to when it is not recognized by any agency of relevance?


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