I received an interesting email today from one of my best clients. She recently moved to Chicago and had an “experience” with a stylist to whom she was referred. Keep reading to see what happened….

….“Although we’re loving Chicago, we really miss our friends in Durham. I have been looking for someone to do our hair and just can’t seem to find anyone like you. For example, I met a police officer at the beach who had great looking locs so I asked for the contact information for his stylist and made an appointment to see her last Friday. The first red flag was that she didn’t have natural hair herself and I was the only natural in the salon. Next red flag, the client before me was getting a relaxer and the client after me got a weave. Third red flag, she used Creme of Nature to shampoo my hair and didn’t really seem knowledgeable about natural hair care when I tried to ask questions about the products she used and why. Fourth red flag, she used a comb and then palm twisted my roots – my scalp was beet red. It was at that point that I decided never to come back again. I had to wait for two hours after my hair was dry while she finished the weave before she would remove the clips. Then came the final straw, once the clips were out, she sprayed what I thought was essential oils onto my hair – but it was actually oil sheen and hairspray. I wanted to shampoo my hair immediately when I got home. But my husband wouldn’t let me because I spent way too much money on it. I’ll wear it until this Friday and then shampoo my brains out.

I can’t tell you how violated and just plain stupid I felt for not ending that experience sooner. At least now I’ve learned the hard way exactly what questions I should ask before letting someone else put their hands into my hair. I guess I just assumed that everyone who did natural hair was as knowledgeable as you are. Sure, I expected some to have different approaches and/or opinions about products but I wasn’t prepared for this. To her credit, my hair looks great. But, with my itchy scalp and thinning hair, I know it’s just a matter of time before things go really wrong. Please pray that I can find someone who will love and take care of my hair as much as I do (and you did).

I am so thankful that God led me to you to help me begin my natural journey. I have learned so much from you and grown in so many ways. Especially now, I miss you and truly appreciate all your knowledge and expertise and hard work in your profession. The naturals of the Triangle are truly blessed to have you there.”

WOW, that was a lot to go through for a first visit. Has anyone else had a similar or worse experience? What happened?


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